3D Print Shop Brings New Dimensions To Greenwich Village

11:21 AM

By: Adam Balkin

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A pioneer in the 3D printing world has opened up a brick and mortar shop that’s sure to wow even the most unique gift giver. NY1’s Adam Balkin filed the following report.

What makes the MakerBot Store in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village different from any other store you’ve ever visited isn’t just that everything on sale there is made right there, it’s how it’s made — all with 3D printers. It’s also a first for MakerBot itself, the company that’s helping to pioneer 3D printing.

3D Print Shop Brings New Dimensions To Greenwich Village

“A lot of the stuff that’s for sale in the store has been designed by our 3D designers. A few of the designs have been designed by other people from designs on Thingiverse, our website where our community shares the designs they’ve made that they can print on their 3D printers,” explains Jenny Lawton of MakerBot. “We have watches, we have bracelets and the bracelets can become watch bands, we have set of squirrels that go from really big to really teenie tiny, we have really cool gear hearts, and then we have some great gumball machine objects we’ve got eight different collections you can buy out of our gumball machines.”

And though right now you can’t just walk in with your own set of plans and have a product custom made for you on-the-spot, MakerBot says it’s not ruling out that capability in the future.

“Part of the purpose of this store is for people to come and experience a 3D printer,” says Lawton. “A lot of people might’ve read about them, they might’ve seen them on TV, heard about them, but most people haven’t seen them in action so this is an opportunity for someone to come and see the future and part of what we expect to come of that is for people to develop different ideas on what they’d like to do now that they’ve experienced the future.”

Products at the store range in price from around $5 to just over $700.

If you’d like to make your own though, the brand new MakerBot Replicator2 3D desktop printer is selling at the store as well for around $2,200.

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