5 Future Tech-Cars to Hit the Roads

Bangalore: Next-generation automobiles packed with technology is about to arrive with digital instrumentation, augmented reality, health and wellness integration and more. In the past 30 years the safety element of our vehicles has seen lots of advancements, but the inside car tech was just flashy without much essence. But technologies are coming back in trail to make truly connected and digitally high-end automobiles.

The recently happed CES at Las Vegas revealed numerous car technologies like internet in your car, implementation of social networking apps and cloud enabled services in to the dashboard. Even though all these technologies seems to be some kind of Bond movie stuffs now, but the high-end car makers are all set to make these science-fictions come alive on roads.

1. Audi Reels Triple-head Displays:

Audi is putting its efforts to bring up a real time destination navigation system which accepts user’s internet commands and gives information to the passengers through a triple head-up display which can be swiped over to the center of the dashboard. The display can be projected over 30 feet ahead of the vehicle which shows virtual directions to the driver. This kind of technology is named ‘Augmented Reality’-AR, the full functionality of this technology will can’t be seen in near future, but DLP projectors and related augmented reality features are quite possible in near-terms.

Audi has also came up with Traffic Jam Assistant which takes control of your car and activates automatic break in slow traffic and low-speed jam. By 2013 you will be able to see Audi’s infotainment system with high powered quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 CPU, so it’s quite clear that Audi’s future cars are going to be real.

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