5 Over-Hyped Future TV Technologies

Bangalore: The evolution of TV industry has gone through many stages. The world of consumer electronics is getting more and more obsessed with the ‘smart’ tag and so the TVs are also trying their best to become smarter. Out of all the new technologies which TV makers are implementing into their boxes many of them seems to be just over-estimated and should be halted for now.

1. Voice and Gesture Control in TVs:

Wave you hand to increase the volume, turn your hand to change the channel and jump on your sofa to know which is the new blockbuster movie of Amir Khan. Now that sounds interesting and funny too. And when it comes to talking to your TV, just think whether it really adds any value to the product called TV?

When the TVs are getting smarter, it’s for sure that they are going to be controlled by your smart-devices like smartphones or tablets which will be there in your hands to do all the easy swiping and tapping.  So for the time being this revolutionary concept of making the TVs voice and gesture controlled doesn’t seem that valuable.

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