5 Things You Must Know to Publish a Newsletter

Guest Post Author: Rick Parkins

With a newsletter, you can inform the public about your business and products as well as any services you offer. You can keep them posted and updated about what’s going on with your business and use it for your promotions and offerings. Publishing a newsletter will keep reminding your subscribers that you are still there and are ready and willing to offer them good products, services and of course special deals.
Newsletters can also be used to impress your subscribers, show them your expertise and knowledge about a particular or many topics as well as the many benefits you have to offer them. When you impress people, they can become potential customers and another great thing is that they may recommend you to their friends, colleagues and family. All of whom could very well become customers in the future.

If you have a website and are not presently publishing a newsletter then you may want to consider doing some research and getting that first Newsletter off the ground.

newsletter Educate yourself on how to publish one. It really isn’t that difficult and when you get it right the visitors will follow and your business will grow. In order to write a decent newsletter you don’t have to be an accomplished writer but you do have to know your subject and then share that knowledge with your subscribers. By doing this you will build a trust and confidence in the eyes of your readers that advertising money simply can’t buy and that’s why it’s so powerful.

So, here are the 5 things you must know to publish a newsletter.

1) Make sure that the content of your newsletter pertains to and is closely associated with your business or the theme of your website. Do not dwell too long on what could be regarded as your field of expertise. You have started a site and your theme for your site will always be something you are knowledgeable about. For example; if you have a site that sells auto car parts, your newsletter must contain articles or content like photos that pertain to cars, auto parts and such. You may also include content about your company and staff.

Remember that visitors of a certain site are there because they are interested in what the site has to offer. If they sign up for an opt-in list or for a newsletter this means that they want to be updated for that certain theme or subject. Be sure that when you publish your newsletter you are filling the need of the subscriber as well as keeping their interest.

2) Ensure that you have well written, information rich, content for your newsletter material. Articles you have written can be used as the basis for the body of your newsletter. As such they should excite your readers while at the same time providing good information. If you want it to look professional, and of course you do, your newsletter should be well written and checked for errors such as spelling and grammar. Remember, the trust your reader has in you by way of your newsletter is at stake here.

3) Make sure the content of your newsletters is factual, provide real facts and figures. If you don’t your reputation as an expert in that field may come into question. Loss of trust from your subscribers may, and probably will, result in them unsubscribing to your newsletter and possibly ignoring your website completely in the future. Never forget that there are many, many experts on the internet and your subscribers will have little difficulty finding another good one.

4) Provide fresh subjects and content, new material that provides new information for your subscribers. If you publish outdated information in your newsletter, there is a very good chance that your subscribers have already read about this somewhere else (unless you put your own twist to it or come at it from a little different direction). Stale or old content will cause your audience to very quickly lose interest in your newsletter. When that happens there is a good chance they wont read through to the bottom of your copy where you are selling yourself or product. Of course if that happens then what was the point in writing the newsletter in the first place, no one read your sales pitch, which equals no sales.

5) A point of caution here – never use copyrighted material such as photos and articles. This is outright plagiarism, you could get yourself in quite a bit trouble for this. You could lose your business and / or face legal repercussions over copyright infringement. If you do not have the time to write your own material for your newsletter, there are many willing and able professional article writers that can do it for you for a fairly reasonable fee. All your investment in writing and publishing a newsletter can be well worth it when you see your list building and your traffic increasing.  

Writing and publishing a newsletter is a great way to make contact with your subscribers increase your visibility. It should also, if you’re doing it right, increase your
credibility as a knowledgeable expert in your field which has the side affect of increasing your subscriber list. This in turn will get you and your website better positioned for more sales which translates to higher profits, something we should all be trying to achieve on a daily basis.

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