Bergen freeholders approve $833K in election printing bills over objection

The Bergen County freeholders on Friday approved $883,000 in election printing bills over the objection of one printer who claimed he could have done it for less if he had been allowed to bid.

The audience at the Bergen County Freeholders meeting in Hackensack.
Freeholder Robert Hermansen speaks at the Freeholders meeting in Hackensack.

By a 4-2 vote, the board approved paying the bills owed to Royal Printing Co. of West New York.

Elliot Ward, owner of Bind Rite Services Inc., a South Hackensack company which did most of the county’s ballot printing for the previous four years, objected before the vote to being passed over for the work.

State election law does not require ballot printing to be subject to bid because of the specialized nature of the printing.

County Clerk John Hogan, however, said he was able to shave off about $200,000 from the county’s printing bill this year by shopping the work around to several printers before awarding the contract to Royal Printing. Hogan also claimed that Bind-Rite’s prices were not comparable because it had only been doing a portion of the work that Royal is doing now, a claim Ward disputed.

Freeholders Robert Hermansen and Maura DeNicola cast the two dissenting votes. Freeholders John Mitchell, John Felice, David Ganz and Joan Voss voted to approve the payments. Freeholder John Driscoll was absent.


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