Board approves Utah school technology standards

It may take years, but the state school board hopes to one day see public schools have one computer, tablet or handheld device per student and teacher.

The state school board Thursday approved a list of technology standards for schools to try to meet in the future. One of those standards includes a 1:1 ratio for students to technology. It’s an endeavor that likely would cost about $183 million a year, including training, hardware and support.

“They’re definitely not saying, ‘This is what you should be doing now’ or, ‘This is what you should have now,’?” said Judy Park, state associate superintendent, of the standards. “They were designed to be way out there in the future.”

Board members also discussed whether that ratio might be met in the future as more students bring their own technology to schools.

The standards also include goals for students, teachers and administrators, among other things.

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