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Robert Casarez Jr. believes in filling all the little, and big, printing needs a customer might have — hence the name of his new downtown Visalia shop on Court Street: Nook Cranny Tee and Copy Shop.

“Because we do everything and everything in-between -†all the nooks and crannies,” he said. “We do the front-end, which is fliers and business cards, then we can do shirts for employees and we can also do forms like invoices.”

He also carries a line of wedding invitations and can make trophies, signs, large-format printing, posters, print on canvas, name badges, booklets, programs, menus, brochures, postcards, envelopes and letterhead.

Casarez carries several years of experience into the opening of his shop, with the last eight years at the former ColorSpot downtown. When ColorSpot was bought out and consolidated with a new company in December, it seemed the perfect time to launch his own enterprise.

In the same storefront as Nook Cranny is Embroidery Plus, a business owned and operated by Robert Casarez Sr., Casarez’s father. It was from Embroidery Plus, which started in 1992, that Casarez Jr. first earned his chops in the printing industry.

Now, father and son are working together in this new endeavor. They

contract with each other, as Casarez Sr. has more industrial equipment for larger, commercial jobs, and Casarez Jr. caters more to the everyday customeror small business.

Right now, the duo have been experimenting with their newest pride and joy: a digital printer that can take any design or photo and immediately print it onto a shirt or other material.

“The ability to instantly render a design onto a shirt is huge,” Casarez Jr. said, explaining that a customer who wants just one shirt made can get it much more inexpensively than if he or she used a silk-screen process.

Silk-screen requires a screen to be made for each color, so the more colors in a design, the more cost. With digital printing, a photo can be rendered with shading and nearly perfectly registry at a lower cost, Casarez Sr. said.

Word is still getting out about Nook Cranny, with the biggest market Casarez Jr. wants is the downtown merchants.

“I just really want to serve the downtown merchants. It’s a really cool community,” he said.

That’s why he extended his open hours 30 minutes past 5 p.m., will take orders to the businesses for which he’s doing projects and understands when a customer in crunch time might want to send an email rather than come to the shop.

“My target market is a step above the home printer but below the big printers, where you have to order 1,000 business cards,” Casarez Jr. said.

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