Clarksville Police drop pads for ticket printers

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CLARKSVILLE, TENN. — The Clarksville Police Department will soon be going “paperless,” cutting down on traffic stop times and helping the City Court become more efficient.

The department is already paperless in its reporting system, using a program called Watson by DataDriven, said Clarksville Police Chief Al Ansley. By the end of the month, the chief hopes to have the paperless traffic stops in place as well, which will cut down the time it takes to issue a citation from 15 minutes to five.

“That should eliminate the data entry that the city clerk’s office has to do, and it will expedite the traffic stops as well,” he said. “The officer’s safety – it will improve that because the officer is out for less time. It takes him or her less time to actually issue the citation.”

The system will make it easier to identify juveniles, those who have warrants and anyone whose license is revoked.

“If we stop a juvenile and the officer starts to write a citation, and they find out for some reason they made a mistake and didn’t realize the juvenile was a juvenile, you can’t issue a juvenile a city speeding citation. You have to take them to Juvenile Court,” Ansley said. “So we get a lot of voided tickets, but this should completely stop that.”

The system also will let the officer know if the driver is using a sibling’s license.

“It’s happened to me before. Let’s say you have a brother or a sister and their license is suspended and they give that officer the false information, it’ll help prevent that as well,” he said. “A lot of good things are going to come out of this, just part of moving this department forward. We appreciate the support from the City Council and the mayor, of course, which we’ve gotten.”

Ansley said the current data entry system uses ticket books, which cost money.

The department has ordered 148 printers – one for each patrol officer – that will print off a ticket on waterproof paper that can be left on the windshield of a car on a rainy day without the ink bleeding.

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