Continued #FAIL from Vonage

I used to a huge Vonage fan.

I credit them for getting me off of using an old school phone company.

Time change, and the old school people took over. Faced with declining use, they raised prices. I stuck around, used the same original box I got when they were a brand new service, a loyal customer for the past decade.

Stuck around too long. Keeping the number when we closed an office.. it was just so easy and I was a bit nostalgic.

Then the day came I had to let that line got. We tried online to get the line turned off for the first of the year.. but got billed again, so I called Vonage,  told them loved them, would recommend them, but just didn’t need the line. Please fix the bill and make sure it’s turned off.

After 6 attempts to get me to stay (each answered with me saying “I love you but cannot keep this line”), the rep told me that she was required to read me the scripts.

I said “disconnect my line now or give me to your supervisor”

The supervisor politely told me she would help.. then launched into another pitch to keep me. I suppose they’ve found that a 2nd rep pretending to be a supervisor is a good fake out.

All this desperation would be FUNNY if if weren’t for the next part. They are keeping another month in advance.

Phone turned off immediately. I get to pay for 30 days on a service I stopped using a year ago.

I said “do you realize that when you steal my money I will not just never use your company again.. I’m going to tell everyone I know for years to come”

She said there was nothing she could do. I suggested she polish her resume and hung up.




I’ve tweeted and posted elsewhere. I wanted to give the Vonage social media team a chance to respond. Not to get my service turned on for free, not to get a refund, just to give me a tiny bit of hope.

No response

Then today, an email with the above graphic. As promised, I’m sharing the #FAIL whenever possible. Smile

Good bye old friend.  In an age where a civil conversation can go far in social media, the old school thinking here will soon bury this one time bright star.

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  3. I’ve actually had very good luck with Comcast in Golden, CO, as have frnedis who are using them for internet and sometimes TV. It probably helps that Denver is a big city for Comcast, but you’d think that Qwest, whose HQ city is Denver, would match Comcast at least somewhat. They don’t, at least in my experience and in the experiences of other folks I know. Both providers have next-gen technologies deployed in Denver (Qwest’s VDSL2 and Comcast’s DOCSIS 3) but Comcast’s next-gen reach is MUCH larger than Qwest’s, who feels no remorse in keeping Golden on copper-to-the-node ADSL.As for MagicJack the device and associated software appear to still be crap but the service, which is garden-variety SIP, is pure gold and surprisingly forgiving on the internet connections I’ve pitted it against though I’m not dumb enough to try it with satellite.

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