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Quatro® 5300 Series Slashes Overall System Cost and Energy
Use, Speeds Time to Market

Cambridge, UK and Sunnyvale, California, USA – 5 Apr 2012

CSR plc (LSE: CSR; NASDAQ: CSRE) today introduced the Quatro
series of programmable imaging processors, the
most highly integrated solutions available for efficiently
developing the next generation of printers, scanners and
all-in-ones (AIOs) that meet the latest EU and U.S.
energy-efficiency requirements.  Sampling now, the
Quatro 5300 series’ reduced overall system BOM cost,
programmable architecture and modular firmware platform
help OEMs create smaller, less expensive controllers for a
wide range of low-end to mid-range products and bring them
to market more quickly.

“The Quatro 5300 series sets a new industry benchmark for
the level of integrated functionality in a product of this
kind, and represents the latest example of the continuous
innovation and integration CSR is pursuing with the highly
successful Quatro
product line
,” said Neil Epstein, Senior Director of
Product Marketing for Document Imaging at CSR.

“The Quatro 5300 processor is already being used by several
of our Tier-One customers to develop highly economical
products that will be available in stores starting early
next year, and with the Quatro 5300’s compelling
cost-savings and other advantages, we are confident it can
provide an attractive solution for other OEMs seeking to
build market share and volume in the price-sensitive BRIC
markets and elsewhere.”

Highest Level of Integration in the Industry

The Quatro
series eliminates the need for many of the
external components typically used to control printers,
scanners and AIOs, making the Quatro 5300 series an
attractive solution for OEMs seeking to reduce BOM
costs.  Newly integrated features include ARM
Cortex™-M3 microcontroller cores for direct control of
printer and scanner motors, eliminating the need for
external motor control ICs. The Quatro 5300 also supports
the latest graphical user interface designs with its
integrated ARM Mali™-400 MP GPU, LCD controller and touch
screen controller interface.  The integrated Silicon
Labs’ V.34 hardware fax modem provides a
globally-programmable telephone line interface with proven
performance, and the Quatro 5300 series also integrates a
complete scanner analog front end (AFE).  The
integrated DRAM interface supports DDR2 and DDR3 memory,
enabling use of the lowest cost option as the memory market
evolves, while the integrated DAC provides cost-effective
sensor control.  An innovative 14-mm advanced quad
flat no-lead (aQFN) package reduces board area and material
cost compared to conventional BGA packages.

Greater Energy Efficiency

The Quatro 5300’s energy-saving low-power sleep mode can
reduce processor power consumption to less than 100
milliwatts, more than enough to meet the new EU energy
efficiency requirements expected to be implemented in
January 2013.  The Quatro 5300 low-power sleep mode
disables unused function blocks, reduces the system clock
frequency, puts DRAM into self-refresh mode and operates
the CPU only on internal memory to monitor USB, Ethernet
and operator panel interfaces for wake-up conditions.

Faster, Easier Software Development

Developers will appreciate the Quatro 5300 series’ fast
ARM11™ CPU core, up to 525 MHz, and dual Quatro 4-datapath
SIMD DSP cores, which enable the Quatro 5300 series to
efficiently cover a range of applications including inkjet
printers and AIOs, monochrome laser/LED printers and AIOs
up to 50 ppm, color laser/LED printers and AIOs up to 25
ppm and document scanners.  Higher-end products are
covered by the CSR Quatro 4500 series. The CSR Inferno™
modular firmware platform provides developers with a single
firmware base for the full range of Quatro processors that
enables them to easily customise features to meet their
specific needs and efficiently build cost-effective
controllers for a wide range of products.  The Quatro
programmable CPU, DSP and microcontroller cores enable
developers to implement their own unique features, image
processing algorithms and mechanism controls using standard
tools for faster software development and time to
market.  Developers can choose between Embedded Linux
or ThreadX® RTOS for the underlying operating system, and
the extensive CSR library of optimised image processing
algorithms for the Quatro family makes developing image
processing pipelines easy.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

For Wi-Fi connectivity, the CSR UniFi® CSR6030™ and CS6031™
solutions interface directly with the Quatro 5300 and the
CSR Synergy™ connectivity software is integrated with .

Availability and Pricing

The CSR Quatro 5300 series uses 40nm silicon process
technology and is sampling now, with production volumes
expected by the end of this year.  It is available in
either 14-mm aQFN or 23-mm BGA packages, depending on model
and configuration.  Please contact CSR for pricing and
other information.

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