Does Cavi-Lipo Ultrasound Cavitation or any Ultrasound Weight-loss Device Work?

CaviLipo Ultrasound Cavitation

Dr. Stephanie King 17 Year- Weight Loss & Hormone Expert answers the Question “does Cavi-Lipo Ultrasound Cavitaton or any Ultrasound Cavitaton device work on it’s own for body sculpting when used without the proper technician training and support”.

Jan. 9, 2013 – With the New Year’s resolutions driving people to gyms, weight-loss centers, and trainers to meet their goals. The latest craze in weight-loss Ultrasound Cavitation has provoked the question “does it work?  More to the point will Ultrasound Cavitation or any device like this work on it’s own, without professional training

Dr. Stephanie King, of Body Slimming Experts answers the question. Dr. King is a recognized expert in the fields of weight-loss and nutrition, and utilizes this type of equipment in her practice of 17 years. Of late, the newest craze to hit the daytime medical shows such as The Doctors and Dr. Oz is Ultrasound Cavitation. This technology has been welcomed with open arms, as a non-exercise way of losing those unwanted inches.

Ultrasound Cavitation is getting mixed results in the areas that it is implemented. After a review of yelp, and other consumer based Internet raking systems. Ultrasound Cavitation is working with some clients and not others. Questions arose when the same person went to several different establishments receiving different results.

Dr. Stephanie King an expert in the diet and weight loss industry with 17 years of experience working with this type of equipment answers the question.  Dr. King, states Ultrasound Cavitation and specifically “the Cavi-Lipo Ultrasound Cavitation equipment is good technology but this equipment is only as good as the technician who uses it! Unfortunately Manufacturers hire sales agents that have no medical background and they are only looking for sales.

These untrained sales agents with nothing more then a Skype instruction of how to turn the machine on/off are teaching spa owners how to treat the public. Even large five star spas such as the Four Season Hotel Med Spa, in Westlake Village, CA have been victims of this type of selling technique.

These untrained Spas then use this device on everyone the same way. When a problem occurs, they often search the net looking for the answer as to why the machine is not working on an individual. When they cannot find the answer they usually tell the client it’s their type of fat that is the problem or a myriad of reasons why they could not get the results they had paid for. The spas, nail salon’s and other untrained personal that buy this Medical Device, would rather steal the information from other sites, than pay for instruction and training and you the consumer are the victim. Thus clients have had less than expected results and some no change at all. These clients complain using yelp and other forms of rating services. (See Yelp Reviews for these Untrained Spas not affiliated with BSE or King Protocols). Dr. King states that the Cavi-Lipo Ultrasound Cavitation Device is FDA Class 1 approved which means anyone with a license to touch people can purchase the machine and start using it on their clients the next day, even though the manufacturer recommends physician use on patient. Dr. King warns “this is still a medical device, and ultrasound has been around for a long time and is relatively safe. However, Ultrasound Cavitation can injure people if the operator is not trained or trained improperly”. Dr. King even went on to state that the manufacter who develops the device states physician use on patient which implies training or expert should be using this device. Dr. King when interviewed states she receives between 5-10 calls/emails a day from untrained facilities asking simple questions on how to use there Ultrasound device properly as they have never received training and these are the very people you are paying top dollar to for your health and body image. Dr. Stephanie King, has been has been instrumental in the development and clinical trials of weight loss, nutritional, and bio-identical hormone programs as well as devices for nearly 17 years. Dr. King has been working with Body Sculpting Equipment and devices has been recognized by multiple companies, including Erchonia, the manufacture of Zerona Laser the first of these types of weight-loss devices to come to market Http:// Dr. Stephanie King was originally tasked by Erchonia to develop the protocols for the Zerona Laser, which was later implemented internationally.

Dr. King in answer to this problem brought same focus and experience to the Ultrasound Cavitation Technology as well as similar technologies, in the form of the “King Protocols”. These protocols enabled Dr. King and Body Slimming Experts to endorse a product that otherwise would be like any other product on the market that was user dependent. The manufacturer of the Cavi-Lipo device in there owner’s manual recommends training by a physician for proper use and instruction, but the global distributors did not carry out this protocol which Body Slimming Experts (local west coast distributor)put together to make sure owners who purchased were properly trained instead global distributors and agents were allowed to sell he machine without any training. Dr. King states that “prior to implementing this device” in her practice, she “initiated testing trials, and developed a specific set of protocols to optimize the Ultrasound Cavitation’s performance”. Dr. King appropriately named these protocols, the “King Protocols©.  With the “King Protocols” Dr. King states they have found that the Cavi-Lipo will yield results from 1/4-3 inches per session. Technicians and clinics not using the King Protocols can see no change at all, resulting in disappointed clients who write bad Yelp reviews about the clinic and practitioner. Dr. King states “Remember, this is a medical device that REQUIRES TRAINING, it is not a plug and play device”.  When the Dr. King’s BSE team is sent into a clinic, they make sure only trained staff are using the equipment. Each person is trained with their medical team and follow “King Protocols©” Dr. King states “we don’t leave until we know everyone will use the equipment safely, and they understand and use it correctly for each and every area of the body. The King Protocol’s protocols go beyond simple use but also pre-screen to make sure the clients are the right candidates, as this is a medical procedure

Body Slimming Experts and Dr. Stephanie King, have teamed to bring many devises, that MAY include the Cavi-Lipo Ultrasound device but combine specific compounds and products that optimize fat loss, so the machine performs to it’s maximum potential. BSE also uses a combination of programs so the client receives the results they are expecting and were searching for. Its also important to know, that the King Protocols, have specific proprietary products that each person utilizes as well as pretreatment directions prior to, during and after the process, so the best of results are realized. In an effort to help patients/clients who are dissatisfied or who want to make sure they receive a good program we are happy to help you get the best results. Simply contact Body Slimming Experts or Dr. Stephanie King and our offices will help guide you to a safe and reputable location. We also will give you a list of questions to make sure you are working with a skilled, trained technician and not simply someone working out of nail salon without any professional training.

Buyer Beware this is a medical device and therefore a medical procedure not only can you not get any results and lose your money but you can be severely harmed if the procedure is done incorrectly by untrained technicians. Dr. King states “Watch where you go for Cavi-Lipo or any other device for that matter, we found that untrained clinics will simply make something when a treatment doesn’t work as advertised”. Ultrasound Cavitation is not a “magic wand” and if it doesn’t work, technicians have blamed the consumer as in seen in reviews listed above. It’s NOT YOU it’s them they are not properly trained, they are not physicians, and they are not supervised by physicians.

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