Don’t Worry About the Golden Age of Tech Blogging and Focus on the Future of Blogging

A few of my colleagues decided to write some thought provoking, “conversation starting”, blog post about the Golden Age of Tech Blogging calling it over leading to debate saying it’s not over and so on. I guess over is the new dead? Here are a few of the must read material reference blog post.
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You can add this one to the list of the nay sayers. I don’t believe the Gold Age of Tech Blogging is over. That’s all I’m going to say about that but what I do believe is that for tech bloggers, journalist, hobbits or anyone who wants to join the tech blogging party here’s what I believe to be not only the future of technology blogging but blogging in general.

Before I continue on the future of tech blogging here’s my tech blogging “street credibility” aka “klout”. Note, it still doesn’t’ mean I’ll be 100% accurate but just to let you know, I know a little something about tech blogging. Let’s just say I was blogging using b2/cafelog before Matt Mullenweg turned it into WordPress in 2003 and have been blogging about technology and more since 2008 at

The Future of Blogging .. Still about the content
The future of blogging will be more of less the same moving forward in 2012 and beyond but with more content mediums added to gain readership. While video blogging has been around for years along with podcast the future of blogging will continue to merge all contextual formats with blogs having video channels, podcast along with continuing to use photos as an element to get readers attention. (ooh..aww)

But there are at least three new tools/plugs-ins/browser extensions that could put more emphasis on good, valuable content vs link bait, general list and those shiny infographics. Extensions such as Evernote’s Clearly and options like Safari’s Reader which makes blog posts clean and easy to read by stripping out all of the ads, navigation and just provide readers with just the text. As more blogs become more “noisy” with ads, icons and slow to load, readers will just want to access the content clean and fast. Those tools along with platforms like instapaper will provide such options.

Also keep in mind platforms like Google Currents, Flipboard and pulse where blog readers can access just your content. To sum it up, if you’re a blogger, tech journalist or just a writer it’s time to step up the content in 2012.

What makes Tech Blogging So Special?
In 2009 or 2010 tech blogging jumped the shark, TechCrunch, Mashable and Read Write Web all became syndicated from national news outlets and million dollar online properties as their readership traffic sky rocketed. Gizmodo and Engadget also took off a few years earlier but why? A few reasons but take a quote from the Social Network Movie “exclusivity”. Exclusivity to information, to niche gadgets, reviews, people, startups and more along with the rise of privilege bloggers that led to spin offs such as mommy bloggers, food bloggers and video bloggers.

Tech Blogs are big businesses if done right. Just ask OM of GigOm. Who would have imagine back in 2003 that a blog network could raise more than $8,000,000.

The Good, The Bad and The Newbie of Tech Blogging
The good about tech blogging is that while one “age” of tech blogging “pivoting”, the bad part is that as more companies and media outlets are focusing more on tech blogging we’ll see a newbie class of tech bloggers rise to stardom and making a name for themselves in a very short period of time. With that comes questions of credentials, value and respect. Something that many established tech bloggers already have even if they were to stop blogging and become venture capitalist. Some are lucky because they went from newspaper to famous tech blog and others are still trying to find their niche. Regardless in 2012 we’ll see a few new faces on popular tech blogs along with a shift in writers moving to different sites to do what they love… write about technology. Reference (Ben Parr’s Seismic Shifts Have Radically Altered the Tech News and Blogging World post)

The Role of Social in Blogging
The role of social in blogging will be more of the same in 2012 also. Note I didn’t say “social media” but social in terms of not only a blog social reach but in terms of the blog and all of it’s writers social graph. Blogs will rely on almost every social network to increase traffic: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and while thought leaders will say “don’t push the same content everywhere” that’s what they want their readers to do. Blogs will continue to add buttons and create new simple, cleaner ways to make content social.

Quick Note on Mobile Blogging
Mobile blogging isn’t talked about that much at least not in my circles but mobile blogging is huge especially in photo blogging. With faster, better smartphones expect to see more video interviews posted from smartphones and mobile content being posted on platforms like instagram and pintrest either showing up in blog post and/or on the sidebar.

Blogging Platforms
For many of the top blogs they’re using WordPress. BlackWeb 2.0 is on WordPress and so is WordPress bloggers often make fun of blogger users but with the recent changes that Google has made to blogger it’s time to give Blogger a second chance. It’s cleaner and now has google+ integration giving blogger a few perks enticing users to make the switch. Tumblr is holding it’s on as a blog platform too. Other custom content management systems will work for more media properties like theVerge has built but for the new tech blogger you can’t go wrong with any of the big three, WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr.

Now what?
Keep blogging…

Where do you see blogging going in 2012? Let us know in the comments.

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