Etisalat Group adopts green technology in their footprints around the world

Companies nowadays are inventing applications and models to make the most of green energy and put future plans to rely on this energy steadily besides the ways of its dissemination.

Omran highlighted the experience of “Etisalat” in the adoption of green energy in the UAE and its operations in 18 countries round the globe and said, the environmental safety and the deployment of green energy-friendly environment are the most important fundamentals that we are working on to reduce environmental pollution resulting from energy applications of generated carbon dioxide and carbon polluter of the environment, in addition to increase of the contribution of renewable energy at the expense of the energy that pollutes the environment as well as enhancing the awareness of “Etisalat” customers on the importance to reduce pollution and preserve the environment.

Lately “Etisalat Egypt” hails more than 40 stations of the mobile eco-friendly solar-powered in Egypt and includes the establishment of extra 150 stations during the first quarter of 2012. Whilst Etisalat Nigeria has 150 solar system working stations and planning to add more 200 by Q1- 2012.

Omran referred to the results of the UAE based study on the efficacy of Fiber -Optic next – generation infrastructure in reducing the amount of carbon dioxide produced by about 85%, and it can reduce the power required by the network by up to 73% and said: – thanks to new technologies that helped us to preserve our environment.

“Etisalat” investment in the infrastructure of Fiber – Optic and next -generation technologies in the UAE and other countries have contributed heavily to the provision of future services and led to significantly reduce the amount of carbon dioxide produced by the telecommunications activities of individuals and the businesses. The spread of Fiber -Optic technology is part of our responsibility to societies to contribute and support a sustainable future of energy and environmental conservation. Omran added.

He concluded “Etisalat” has stepped and progressed significantly in this area for its full conviction of the importance of reducing emissions of carbon dioxide in- line with direction of the UAE government and the World to use green energy, besides the continuous hard work and tireless initiatives recommended by the World Future Energy Summit in previous meetings to stress on the need to take a bigger steps in the deployment of the green energy.

The World Future Energy Summit is one of the most important events in the region on the development and activation of green energy and its uses, in addition to responding to the growing need for sustainable energy.

The summit which was attended by industry leaders and decision-makers in the field of energy efficiency and clean technologies, commercial, financial, academic and specialists of innovation, investment opportunities in sustainable energy, from all over the World, is to explore the main challenges and possibilities to map the way for a secure energy future.

It also aims to contribute to the understanding of energy security by examining the roles of the region as a major World producer and consumers of energy to seek diversifying sources of energy (mainly renewable sources).

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