Ferrostaal brings Ryobi perfector to US ahead of Drupa show

“Drupa itself does not trigger any significant increase in printing equipment sales in the U.S. and Canada,” explained John Torrey, president of Ferrostaal Equipment Solutions North America in an interview with PrintWeek.

“Sales occur because of a printer’s need to invest in technology to generate profitable new business, cut costs, improve productivity and win new environmental and sustainability advantages.  However, the spotlighting of new equipment in the months leading to drupa is positive for North American printers—it shows them new technology options they can consider for their business.  Long before the show doors open, drupa provides an important global ‘spark’ for conversations between printers and sellers of top printing equipment.”

Ferrostaal North America is taking advantage of that spark by making the new eight-up, eight-color Ryobi 920 series perfector press that will be demoed at drupa available to printers in the U.S. and Canada now.

“We’re in active discussions now with owners and senior managers at literally dozens of midsize printing companies about that particular press, our global top selling 6-up presses, as well as important advances in inline LED-UV curing and inline UV casting and foiling,” Torrey said.

The RYOBI 920 series press can deliver the capabilities of a modern 40-inch press—including 16-page signature printing—at the operating cost of a half-size press, because of reduced use of aluminum for plates, reduced energy use, less use and waste of paper and other consumables.

“The 920 requires less floor space,” Torrey said. “And with RYOBI’s inline LED-UV system, which for the first time ever can instantly dry inks and coatings, printers can get an extra 70% reduction in energy use and the associated costs–that’s additional savings that goes right to the printer’s margin on every job.”

Among the other products RYOBI is showcasing at drupa are the 6-up, four-color 755G, and the RYOBI 525GX, 2-up, 5-color offset press with coating and IR-curing that can run at up to 15,000 sheets per hour.

Torrey noted RYOBI’s LED-UV system is available on all of its 2-up, 6-up and 8-up presses, providing instant drying versus anywhere from one to 16 hours of dry time with conventional dryers.

“LED-UV curing also offers a documentable and bona fide way for printers to differentiate from their competitors by being more environmentally responsible,” he explained.

“Leaner, greener manufacturing is a key competitive advantage that printers can use to attract and win new business.  The future of printing will be cleaner than ever—and printers who’ve incorporated eco-friendly technologies into their business will have increased sales and marketing advantage.”

The rollout of the new presses–as well as drupa—comes at a time of increasing optimism among press manufacturers and sellers across the continent. “After four consecutive years of holding off on major technology investments, successful printers in the U.S. and Canada are beginning to invest again,” Torrey said.

“They are also taking great care to ensure their key capital decisions are well justified.  Ferrostaal and RYOBI are having more—and more detailed—conversations with commercial, in-plant and specialty printers who want the best value and mix of offset and digital technologies in their pressrooms.”

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