Future of computing technology belongs to handheld devices: Sachin Pilot

Web integrated with Voice Interface would be the next paradigm
shift in computing technology. The increasing processor speed,
embedded with the latest signal processing capability for
voice, data and multimedia signals, makes it the preferred
medium of service delivery, increasing focus on client side

the advent of 4G and LTE technologies, the Internet and web
access through mobile media would receive a tremendous boost.
This momentum would further be accelerated if people could
use their own language to communicate over the mobile.

are 22 constitutionally recognised languages, and a large
number of dialects. Therefore, the next giant leap from present
user base and beyond has to be primarily driven by Mobile
Web and Internet content in the local language which will
be used by mostly rural population of India, from where the
next surge of mobile penetration is set to grow. This would
also usher in governance paradigm shift of citizen centric
service delivery through m-governance platform.

Access of Indian languages over the mobile web would be possible
if the specific issues for enabling mobile ecosystems are
addressed quickly. This requires active involvement of all
stakeholders ranging from mobile device manufacturers, service
providers, research community and the users.

is a need to create a common framework of Mobile Standards
in India for seamless data interchange, the basis of which
should be the Unicode, which is the industry standard for
text interchange. Since many of the citizen centric services
would be built on SMS / MMS/ IM based systems, due to advent
of m-governance framework of the Government, common standard
/best practices need to be evolved urgently taking into account
the Indian languages requirement.

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