Future Vehicle Technologies files patent

High tech

Future Vehicle Technologies has filed a patent in the U.S. for its breakthrough balancing circuit – which it calls a simple and inexpensive solution to a complex problem.  FVT’s design transfers voltage from high to low cells keeping them in balance at all times. The circuit is versatile and works on any battery chemistry, voltage or platform, says FVT in a release. It has the capacity to move large amounts of current “effortlessly and accurately.”

FVT’s patent pending design is different from traditional balancing circuits that typically trim high voltage cells by burning off the energy through a resistor. Instead of wasting power, FVT’s design transfers energy directly from high to low voltage cells – a process known as “active balancing”.

FVT produces the eVaro electric car in its Maple Meadows Business Park facilities.

In addition to efficiency, FVT’s BMS takes  little time to install – a clear advantage over competitors’ systems which can take hours.   As cell technologies become more powerful, the need to actively balance each cell becomes paramount to battery capacity, safety and performance.  FVT believes this new technology will have a significant impact.

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