Future World Symposium set to mark out British technology roadmap

Future World Symposium, a conference and exhibition that unveils the path of technological innovation in the UK, is set to take place on the 24th and 25th April  2012.  Now in its second year, the event examines emerging trends and opportunities to identify a vision for future automotive, eHealth, connected home and mobile consumer technologies. Taking place at the iconic Wembley Stadium in London, UK, Future World Symposium will open with a ministerial keynote from the UK Government and feature presentations from research houses, consumer brands and component manufacturers.

Industry experts from Altran Praxis, ARM, Broadcom, CSR, Freescale, Frost Sullivan, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Imagination Technologies, Imperial College, Infineon, Jaguar LandRover, Microsoft, Pure, Synopsys and the UK Government have been confirmed to speak at the event.

Tony King-Smith of Imagination Technologies and Pure Radio said: “The UK has a culture that excels at innovation – and the home electronics sector is a great example where the technology is changing rapidly. Consumers already expect products that not only provide a compelling experience ‘out of the box’ but can also seamlessly switch between broadcast TV or radio, cloud-based content and social media too, meaning everything must not only deliver stunning video and audio, but also be connected to everything else too. Future World Symposium will bring together the industry’s best to show what’s possible today andhow technology will transform the home over the coming years.”

John Moor, director of Future World Symposium said: “Deploying smart electronic systems within ever larger networks unleashes a world of innovation that is compelling for modern society. Smart systems not only open new markets, but also disrupt the status quo to drive advances in areas such as transport, health, energy, education and entertainment.


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