Google Introduces a Disavow Tool to help WebMaster Who Bought Spam Links

Much of what is called SEO has been “carburetor repair after the fuel injector was introduced” for years now. 

But the disavow tool is NOT changing any SEO type work today, or in the future If it not meant to be used on every site, and clearly for a few situations where a site was braking the TOS.

Link spam was never and accepted practice by Google. They’ve been closing that loophole for years, and became very good at it with the Panda and Penguin updates. (both of which continue to add more power to the algorithm every month) 

The disavow tool is ONLY for sites that have received a notice in the Webmaster Tools account and only after determining that there are a group of links that can’t be changed by persuasion or management. 

At the introduction, Matt Cutts spent most of the time talking about the danger of using the tools without these specific conditions.

You can count on people making more of this than it is. At Pubcon, I heard people speculate that competitors might try to use it to harm a site. That’s SILLY… you can only submit your own sites. More likely, some anxious webmasters will decide to clean up a site and submit too many domains smile

Bottom line. If you don’t have a note from WMT telling you there is a problem, you don’t need the tool Period.

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