Green printing can save businesses some green, says OKI expert

In the current economic climate SMEs need to evaluate and streamline their operations wherever possible. But by adopting a smarter approach to business printing SMEs could both streamline operation costs and be more responsible for the environment, says Alan McLeish, senior product marketing manager, OKI.

For many SMEs, print is their largest unknown cost – and it can be a hugely significant expense, with estimates suggesting that some organisations spend between 1- 6% of their annual revenues on it. Meanwhile, only last year, analyst Gartner estimated that most companies could reduce their printing costs by between 10% and 30%.

Speaking to Business Today about the evolving world of printing technology, McLeish said that many devices, particularly in a small office, spend long periods of time not being used, so it is important to ensure they “consume the minimum amount of energy when they are in standby to maximise efficiency”.

Two years ago, OKI introduced ‘Deep Sleep’ mode – a setting that reduces power consumption to the barest minimum (often less than 1 watt) yet the machine is still able to ‘wake up’ quickly when a new job is needed. Today, this is standard on all its new ranges.

Now, McLeish added, OKI is taking green IT to the next level and “getting ahead of all the latest industry regulations”.

He said: “OKI is now building ‘Auto-Power Off’ technology into many devices, saving hundreds of watts of power and reducing CO2 emissions to the minimum. The setting automatically powers down the printer after extended periods of non-usage, which can be determined by the user and, this in turn, delivers big savings in power usage over the product’s life.

“Among OKI’s new range of products, the C800 series includes added green benefits. Not only does it have Deep Sleep and Auto-Power Off settings, but it also features a new engine design with advanced cooling technology and a low operating noise. It is can also print its first page out in nine seconds. With a small footprint, the C800 series is a giant leap forward in business printing – it’s fast, affordable, green and professional.

“Used correctly, SMEs can also receive further benefits by setting printers up appropriately. Devices can be set to print in mono as standard, allowing SMEs to reduce unnecessary colour printing, while enabling them to use colour when required. In addition, duplex (double-sided) printing capability is increasingly seen as a standard requirement for devices.

“OKI print devices can also be set up to print double-sided, as a default option, allowing SMEs to make further cost savings while cutting paper wastage by up to 50%.” 

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