Grokr. Changing Search To What You Want

Grokr understands your likes, interests, context and places, and brings you highly relevant information exactly when you need it. Information presents itself in the forms of beautifully formatted tiles that appear at the right times during the day. And it does all of this for you automatically, without you ever needing to lift a finger.

The commute tile shows you current traffic conditions and estimated driving time to the selected destination. You can either select a particular destination or the application automatically ings you travel information based on your commute patterns during the week and month. At any time, you can click the reset button and switch to seeing traffic around your current location.

The location tile displays your location and is a gateway to businesses and events near you. This tile has time sensitive action buttons for common activities like searching for food, coffee, or taxis, all depending on day and time. In addition, conducting a search via the tile’s search button returns local results.

Grokr makes it very easy to discover what’s hot and trending on the web. By carefully monitoring the popularity of content on sources like Google and Twitter, Grokr presents a trending list through a colorful trending tile for general news and also topics of personal preference. Simply click on your topic of choice, and Grokr generates a tile in place.

Grokr covers NFL and NBA. If you have indicated interest in a team or in the major sport leagues, Grokr will automatically ing up pre-game notification, in-game play by play score, and post game tiles with all the information on the game.

Searching for something within Grokr results in a search tile that sits inside the main screen. Grokr is designed to rapidly ing you the information by understanding the meaning of what you search for. This gives you a much faster search experience than a conventional web type search. In addition, Grokr remembers and ings you new information for a few more days after you search. Clicking into a story reveals the search result in a clean, uncluttered readable format.

Grokr monitors the popular news channels continuously to detect when eaking news happens. In addition, Grokr also monitors news for your personal interests. If any of these stories start trending on Twitter or Google, then we ing it to your attention via an alert.

Grokr monitors the popular news channels for you to keep you up to date on headline news. We get stories from Reuters, US News and other sources. The Headlines news tile updates automatically whenever you launch Grokr.

Once you personalize Grokr, a recommendation tile appears with a continuous update of stories that Grokr has picked for you. Grokr uses sophisticated machine learning algorithms to understand information that might be of particular relevance to you. The relevance is determined by learning about your interests, likes, and other information from the social media accounts that you have connected within Grokr. In addition, Grokr can learn your tastes. You can teach Grokr what you like by going to the “My Accounts” section under the main menu and adding topics interest and news sources. Based on this information, Grokr will discover great content tailored just for you.

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