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Every year individual computer and printer owners spend upwards of one-hundred or more dollars on ink cartridges. This is especially true of individuals who operate their own businesses from home or households that have teenagers or college age students. Now consider the amount of money that businesses spend on ink cartridges for printers. You can easily determine that millions of dollars are spent every year on these much needed devices.


Now consider the price of ink cartridges. Many ink cartridges on the market today actually cost more than the printers which they are assigned to! Therefore, it is often times more affordable for a person to simply buy a new printer every time they need more ink. However, this is not an environmentally friendly way to go about obtaining the ink cartridges that you need in order to print the pages that you need on your printer.


Many ink cartridges simply don’t supply enough ink. Therefore, a person who needs to print up a great deal of hard copy content may need to purchase multiple ink cartridges for weekly tasks. The prices of these ink cartridges can quickly add up and most people don’t have the financial resources to continually purchase these items for their printers.


With that in mind you may wish to consider the use of CISS. This is a “continuous ink supply system. In recent years this unique contraption has started to be used by more and more individual printer owners and companies throughout the world. The idea behind this type of ink cartridge is quite simple.


A CISS system is made up of three distinct parts. The first part is the cartridge. This cartridge is the same as the one that you most likely have in your printer now. The second part of this system is ink tanks. The third part is a tube. The way the continuous ink supply system works in simplistic. The ink tanks are set on the side of the printer. They are not placed directly into the printer. A tube is connected to the ink tanks and is then fed into the ink cartridge. Every time you use your printer the ink tanks will feed the cartridge the ink that is needed.


There are numerous benefits that you can expect when using this system. First and foremost these systems are easy to set-up and to replace when you need more ink. Secondly, there is little to no mess involved in the process. Thirdly, the majority of people who have made use of this system have claimed to have saved themselves a substantial amount of money.


Another added benefit is that you can easily monitor the amount of ink that you have. You can literally see when you need to order more ink due to the transparent ink supply system that you sit alongside your computer.


If you want to save money and want to easily provide your printer with an endless amount of high quality ink, then you should consider making use of this unique system.

RIHAC is a leader in the CISS industry. They can provide you with an affordable continuous ink supply system at a discounted price.

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