How Google Could Take Over Jobs In The Future

In the future, technology could make it hard for workers in today’s common fields to make money. A stressful job in the service industry may not be ideal, but as you’ll see below, there is no guarantee these jobs will be in high demand. One way to ensure against competition from technology is to invest in a rigorous education that prepares your family members for adaptation into changing job markets. But this may prove inconvenient for some.

Another potential approach is buying Google (GOOG) stock. With a price to earnings of 20, Google shares offer affordable financial exposure to the future ubiquity of technology. Here are some ways Google could be involved in the unfortunate destruction of your family’s employment–allow me to play devil’s advocate.

Retail salespeople:

  • Replaced by: “social network referrals” wherein personal connections and other trusted sources of information provide purchase recommendations.
  • Made possible by: mobile technology, such as voice recognition, that makes it more convenient to ask your phone than to ask an attendant.
  • Google is involved as a curator of the Internet.


  • Replaced by: robots, facial recognition, AI, etc.
  • Made possible by: cheaper equipment as robots reach larger scale, to the point that hiring an employee costs more than leasing a robot.
  • Google is involved as a broker of robot apps.


  • Replaced by: less redundant processes (for example, an interface that allows doctors and lawyers to record instructions directly, without a clerk’s transcription).
  • Made possible by: a culture of efficiency, which becomes the default.
  • Google is involved through its B2B services.

Food preparation, service, wait staff, baristas:

  • Replaced by: personal robot chefs that cook and package whatever you want.
  • Made possible by: the high price of petroleum, which makes it harder to make a profit selling prepared food. Also, a movement towards conservation of ingredients.
  • Google is involved as a broker of robot apps.


  • Replaced by: overseas workers remotely controlling janitor robots, below minimum wage.
  • Made possible by: cloud robotics.
  • Google is involved as a broker of robot apps.


  • Replaced by: a robust freelancer economy.
  • Made possible by:, and similar services. Universal health care also removes a barrier to entry for freelancers.
  • Google is involved when it makes a few acquisitions in the space.

Truck drivers

  • Replaced by: driverless vehicles.
  • Google is involved as the current leader in this technology.


  • Replaced by: computers.
  • Made possible by: instruction like Khan Academy that is more efficient than lectures. Also: social-game, token-incentive platforms like Zynga (ZNGA) that motivate more effectively than teachers
  • Google is involved via YouTube and Google Play.

Will humans be replaced entirely? Of course not. And a lot of people will be mad at me just for my suggesting any replacement whatsoever. But technology could allow humans to multiply their output. The more output per worker, the less workers needed. That means less pay to go around.

Google’s broad reach and history of effective solutions make Google stock a compelling consideration for career insurance against technology. And Google’s management has made no secret of their goal, which is building a giant brain–the current human monopoly on brains is threatened by this goal. Hopefully, when computers replace some of our capabilities, we’ll figure out other ways to spend our time, and the insurance offered by Google will be a windfall to families, more than a refuge from career dystopia.

Or maybe society will resist the changes, none of this will come true, and you’ll be laughing at the modernists who fell for this fantasy. Sometimes insurance does expire worthless. But if you’re happy with your lifestyle as it stands, it might be worth it to purchase the peace of mind.

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.

Disclaimer: This does not constitute financial advice.

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