How the bathroom of the future may look

Interactive mirrors that provide tips on how to apply make-up and can make
video calls to friends or family members.

For those looking for a more relaxing environment, the rest room of the future
could also use new haptic technology to change the way the floor feels under

Bathers stepping out of their bath could programme their floor to replicate
the feeling of soft sand, warm Mediterranean stone or even snow if they

The floor could also be made to become more sticky when bathers’ have wet

Scents could also be piped into the bathroom according to the users mood while
screens could project images of a peaceful backdrop.

In perhaps the most unusual technological development envisaged for the
bathroom in the report were walls that could be moulded to produce
washbasins, taps and lavatories as they are needed.

Jenny Smith, Marketing Manager at Ideal Standard International comments: “This
report has really opened our eyes to the diverse uses the bathroom.

“Far more than just a place to carry out our daily ablutions, people use
the space to both switch on and switch off, and with the advancement of
technology, this will lead us to choose exactly what we want from our
bathroom experience in the next decade – stretching far beyond the realm of
just cleansing and bathing.”

A survey conducted as part of the report showed that 41% of UK consumers use
the bathroom a place to relax and escape modern life, but modern technology
is already starting to change that.

More than a fifth of adults and nearly half of teenagers admitted to answering
calls or used their smartphones while in the bathroom.

A quarter said they wished the time they spent in the bathroom could be more
sociable, allowing to connect with friends for example when getting ready
for a night out.

Designers are already responding by developing new types of interactive
mirrors that allow people to connect to social networking sites such as
Facebook and Twitter.

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