HP’s new laptop lineup: Will consumerization kick in?

but, with new OSes and new software, and new hardware, and new ways of doing what was possible before, people can’t resist jumping into the “newer and faster and more powerful” and into the “latest and greatest”. That’s been the cycle for upgrading since the beginning of personal computers. People may not need to upgrade, but they feel the “need to keep up”, and so, with the newer OSes and the newer hardware and the new online paradigms and the new UIs, people will be going through the upgrade paces, all over again.

Fact is that, for most personal computing, people didn’t really need anything beyond the Intel 386 machines, yet, here we are some 15 years later, with multi-core CPUs and huge storage hard drives, and super-duper upgrades to the OSes, and, excepting for the few die-hards who will insist that they don’t need the new power in those new PCs, people all over the world will be “upgrading”. Happens every time, even if not needed.

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