ISU leads higher ed technology with new mobile printing

Indiana State University has become the first institution in Indiana to partner with Pharos International, allowing students to securely print documents from mobile devices such as smart phones and laptops on campus.

Beginning this fall, students will have mobile access to 26 printing stations around campus providing a quick, more advanced method of printing, said Yancy Phillips, director of user services for the Office of Information Technology.

“In our present day, technology continues to soar and this is just another way ISU can provide newer, integrated technology for our students,” Phillips said.

In order for students to print to the available printers, they must send an email along with the document to a specific mobile printing address. Students can then select which documents they want to print after swiping their student ID card at the printer. With this new technology, Phillips says it will help relieve stressful students and uncongest computer labs.

“We’ve all been in that situation where you’re running late to class and you still haven’t even printed off that research paper yet,” Phillips said. “Now, you can be sending the document in your dorm room from your phone and pick it up on the way out,” he said.

According to an Indiana State University press release, representatives from Pharos International would classify ISU as a leader in higher education technology by implementing the mobile print places around campus.

Lisa Gawenus, a Midwest client concierge for Pharos systems also said that “ISU is not only offering the benefit of printing from any mobile device, but they are leaders in the future of intelligent print,” Gawenus said. “In the not-too-distant future, printing will be simple, secure and infinitely flexible, and ISU is ahead of that trend.”


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