Kashmir printers appeal CM

Srinagar, Jan 6: Kashmir Printers Association today demanded that local printing projects/works should be allotted to local printers.
 The association urged the government that the contract of printing of ration cards should be given out to the local printers.
 President of the association in a statement said: Till last year the printing of the ration cards was being done locally which would help the local printers. But this year the issuing authority has imposed certain conditions, which are very difficult for the local printer to fulfill.
 Giving details he said: As per the new conditions a printer applying for the tender has to deposit CDR of Rs 5 lakh, which was earlier much less. Further the printer should have a turnover of Rs 10 crore which is impossible for the local printers, he said.
 He said given these conditions no printer in the state can be able to get the contract and the work shall naturally be allotted to the printers from outside.
 He said if the work of printing of ration cards is allotted to outside printers it will impact the business of the local printers.
 He said the local printers have a good number of educated youth working with them and in case they are not getting the contract of local printing projects, they won’t be able to sustain thier units which in turn will also affect their staff.
 He said the government should ensure that all the printing works in JK only go to the local printers.
 He said the guidelines and conditions prescribed for getting the contract should be eased for the local printers.
 He said it is very difficult for the local printers to fulfil the conditions that have been put by the issuing agency.
 He said the issuing agency should review the conditions put for the local printers, so that the local printers are able to get the contract of the ration card printing.
 We appeal chief minister Omar Abdullah for his intervention, he said.

Lastupdate on : Fri, 6 Jan 2012 21:30:00 Mecca time
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