KLD Energy Technologies Among Featured Companies At World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi

TMCNet:  KLD Energy Technologies Among Featured Companies At World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi

[January 12, 2012]

AUSTIN, Texas –(Business Wire)–

KLD Energy Technologies Inc. and its innovative electric motor system
have earned a featured place at next week’s World Future Energy Summit
in Abu Dhabi.

KLD is among a small number of businesses invited to share their
breakthroughs with summit attendees within the “Innovate @ WFES” area, a
hub for companies with important new clean-energy and other
environmentally friendly technologies.

WFES is the world’s foremost meeting on future energy, energy efficiency
and clean technologies. The Jan. 16-19 summit will draw government,
business, finance, academic and industry leaders who share a keen
interest in the growing need for sustainable energy. The event is held
annually in Abu Dhabi, the capital and second-largest city of the United
Arab Emirates.

KLD’s revolutionary motor system-comprising the motor, battery pack and
controller-significantly advances practical use of electric propulsion,
with potentially enormous environmental and social implications. The
system is applicable in a broad range of high-volume products that rely
on efficient, high-torque motors. Those industries include, but are not
limited to, motorcycles and scooters, equipment for wind-energy
generation, elevators and escalators, air conditioners, pumps, and
three- and four-wheel vehicles.

“Until now, electric motor technology hadn’t meaningfully changed in a
century, and that’s why electric propulsion isn’t yet the widespread
solution to our global environmetal challenges that it can be,” said
Christian Okonsky, the founder and chief executive officer of KLD.

“The potential benefits of electric are evident to everyone, and what
KLD has developed allows manufacturers and their customers to take
advantage of those benefits.”

Mr. Okonsky said that KLD’s motor system “represents an enormous
technological leap” that is better in significant ways. Applied to
motorbikes, he said, the system makes electric comparable to or better
than gas engines in performance, efficiency, serviceability, green
profile and total cost.

Eclimo Sdn Bhd. of Malaysia and Vmoto of Australia both are preparing to
introduce electric scooters and motorcycles based on KLD’s technology.
KLD has an agreement with Zhejiang Qianjiang Motorcycle Co. Ltd. (QJ),
one of the world’s largest motorcycle and engine companies, to produce
the KLD motor system and use it in QJ’s own products. Contracts with
manufacturers in other industries are pending.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 50 percent of the world’s
energy is consumed by electric motors systems. Another source estimates
that just a 10-percent improvement in the efficiency of electric motors
would slash global energy costs by $100 billion, while greatly reducing
the carbon effect of electric power generation.

Those data illustrate why KLD’s technology is expected to be highly
relevant at WFES within dedicated conversations about wind power, energy
efficiency, and making sustainable energy more economical.

“What makes WFES special is that it brings together people working on
major environmental projects and those with the expertise and
technologies to help get the projects done,” said Mr. Okonsky. “KLD is
honored and proud to be part of that exchange.”

In 2011, WFES attracted more than 26,000 attendees from around the
world-including about three dozen official delegations-as well as 600
exhibitors representing nearly 40 countries to Abu Dhabi.

About KLD Energy Technologies Inc.

Austin, Texas-based KLD Energy Technologies’ mission is to develop
innovative, sustainable technologies. The company, focused on the
research, development and commercialization of advanced technologies,
has received acclaim and worldwide interest in its first product, a
complete system that redefines the performance of electric propulsion
and generation systems in dozens of industries. The system is designed
for high-frequency operations, offering revolutionary system efficiency.
KLD Energy Technologies is dedicated to bringing clean technologies to a
global marketplace. For more information, visit www.KLDEnergy.com.

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