Lego may soon release official Back to the Future sets

Fans, keep your fingers crossed that the sets reach production stage

If you’re a Back to the Future fan, it was probably frustrating seeing the third movie’s DeLorean prop put up for (a very expensive) auction and watching the limited edition Nike Air Mags sell pair by pair to some of your wealthier counterparts. Good thing you can look forward to the more affordable Mattel Hoverboard replica… and if everything works out in the end, Lego sets of all three Back to the Future movies.

The designs made up of three different tiny DeLoreans, Marty McFlys, and Docs were submitted to Lego Cuusoo: A portal where fans turn in their ideas in hopes of getting them turned into real, commercially-available sets. But before Lego headquarters even considers it, a design first has to get 10,000 votes from the community — a feat the Back to the Future sets recently accomplished.

Lego’s in-house designers are slated to build concepts of the user-submitted designs. If and when they pass quality control and Lego hits no snags with licensing, the company will move forward with mass production, and we’ll be able to get our hands on new teensy, bricky Back to the Future toys.

[via Nerd Approved]

This article was written by Mariella Moon and originally appeared on Tecca

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