LETTER: Excited by advances in education technology

I take exception to the letter, “Questions need for school technology.” There is a growing list of research showing how technology in the classroom helps students read, write, comprehend and develop. As a person with dyslexia, I wish there had been much of this technology when I was growing up and for when I was teaching in the classroom.

Can you imagine a young student learning to read from an iPad and when confronted with a word she/he did not know had only to put a finger on that word to have the word explained rather than to wave a hand in the air and wait for the teacher to assist?

Students are learning to spell while typing on a computer. In the book, “The Dsylexic Advantage,” they report on a highly successful person who earned degrees from Stanford without reading a book, but by listening to the books being read at a higher rate of speed, saving him time and increasing his learning.

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