Make Online Training Video Free (and SO EASY)

ScreenToaster is a free web-based screen recorder designed to capture screen activity in real-time to rapidly create and share tutorials, demos, training, lectures and more.

  1. To watch videos : Just click on a video to launch the player.
  2. To record videos : Click on "Start recording" or "Record", start recording using the shortcuts or via the recorder.

You can add audio and an embed webcam while you are recording.
When finished, add subtitles, choose your thumbnail, describe and tag your video so other users can easily find your screencasts.

2 thoughts on “Make Online Training Video Free (and SO EASY)

  1. Web-based recorder is really easy and useful tool for quick video making, though it also has some faults like that you have to go through again if you make one little mistake or you can't add subtitle into your video. You should choose the right kind of screencasting tools by reading this tutorial

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