Mattel Reveals Back to the Future Hoverboards For Sale

The 109th American Toy Fair kicked off in New York City yesterday with a futuristic bang.

After 23 years of fans demanding for Mattel to produce the neon pink hoverboard featured in 1989?s Back to the Future Part II, a screen-accurate replica of the prop is finally on its way by the end of the year.

But does it hover? Sadly, no. We may have to wait until 2015 for that addition. It does make “whoosing” sounds, if that is any consolation.

In the meantime, Matty Collector (an adult collector spin-off of Mattel) will be taking preorders March 1st through March 20th for a delivery before the holidays hit later this year. If you’re looking for the perfect gift to give that Marty McFly in your life, you’ll have to wait until then to get your hands on one. Or you could invent a time machine…

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