New printers are often sold with very little toner in the cartridge

I bought an HP color laserjet CP1215 from PC World because its specifications said it would print over 2,200 pages of print per black toner cartridge. I am not a heavy user and thought the cartridge that came with it would last me.

Unfortunately, after approx 100 pages of print the cartridge ran out. When I contacted PC World I was told that the cartridges only hold enough toner to set the printer up. It will cost me over £200 for a set of new toner cartridges.
Mike James

Sadly, there is nothing Mr James can do about this. He said he was told by PC World that before he bought the printer he should have read the small print on the box. Few of us would think about doing this but, to be fair, if it is on the box it can be read before the sale.

He also said PC World told him the cartridges in new printers are not full and usually just last for a few print runs. We feel sympathy for Mr James, but PC World is correct. This is standard practice.

Don’t assume anything when buying a product. Sometimes it is best to ask a shop assistant for advice. However, if you are given the wrong information, you will be able to get legal redress under the Consumer Protection Regulations 2008.

This law prohibits misleading and aggressive sales practices, such as claiming a product can do something that it can’t. For example if Mr James had been told the cartridges were full and not test cartridges he would have a case.

This is because the shop’s advice will have been a major factor that persuaded you to buy a product that you may otherwise not have wanted to buy. But be warned you will need to prove this is the case. Ask the shop to put into writing what advice they have given you if need be.

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