Next Generation Printing -The Mobile Way

Intro: ITVar News reconnoiters with the veterans of printing industry about the importance of Mobile printing technology, Wireless Printing Solutions for the Next Gen World, how mobile printing driving true convergence of smart application,

and how the technology is helping the retail move up and how are enterprises encashing this technology.

With the progression of time, technological advancements are taking place at a rapid pace, which in turn are facilitating technologically enhanced concepts to mark their entry in this techno era. Out of these enhanced concepts, one concept which is constantly gaining wide acceptance among the masses is Mobile printing.   Since seamless mobility can drive new business processes that take advantage of point-of-transaction printing to improve worker productivity, labeling accuracy and responsiveness to customer needs, Mobile printing technology is just the perfect choice. The transformation in mobile printer functionality gives users the flexibility to print materials on demand, where and when they need them. Mobile printing gives a definite edge over the centrally located stationary units and enables the organizations make huge strides in staff productivity.  Seeing such immense proficiency of mobile printing devices, they could be easily referred to as the “need of the hour” devices. ITVar News is exclusively scrutinizing with veterans of printing industry about the importance of this technology.

Sharing his views on Wireless Printing Solutions for the Next Gen World, VP Sajeevan, Director, CSP Division, Canon, informed, “We need to understand the space of wireless printing solutions. Basically there are two divisions- one is Business and the other is consumer space. In business space network printing is coming in a big way. Whereas in consumer space consumption for HOME offices are catching up with the growing internet usage. So Wi-Fi have an added advantage in this space, as people are using tabs, laptops, smartphones, so it becomes easy for them to fire a print from these devices. Consumer space is doing pretty well. Canons also have a wide range to fulfill the need of the consumers in this space. Cloud Printing is gaining grounds these days. People using Android or Apple application based phones are moving towards cloud printing. Wi-Fi is the buzz word in the industry these days. Moving further and commenting further on how mobile Printing is helping Retail move up, he commented, “In mobile printing user need convenient method of printing. People should not struggle to fire a print. So Wi-Fi play an important role in this, as it means anytime, anywhere printing”.

Lastly mentioning about the how the technology enables enterprises to save time, he said,”In Enterprises, mobile printing has to go a long way as in this vertical security is the biggest concern. Nowadays, we are observing the trend of decentralized printing in the Enterprise level. Here affordability is very high”.

The response of Praveen Kumar, Country Category Manager, Volume Laserjets, IPG, HP were on similar lines as of Mr. Sajeevan’s. He informed that in wireless printing, a trend of moving towards Cloud printing or E print is seen as people do not want to wait to reach the device and get it print. They want to do it on immediate basis. At the same time mobile printing is also catching up. Explaining about how mobile printing is helping retail move up, he explained that the only revolution observed is to download a lot of applications and as a result of which they are inclining towards mobile printing. Even home users are also using this. Another segment which is prominent in this is education sector. Students are using this to print their assignments and projects. E print as a technology is a revolution in the printing industry. Any new technology which comes, enterprise vertical is the first to adopt it. Till now higher level officials are using this technology and it will take some time for the work group people to adopt it”.

Ram Prasad, Deputy General Manager – Consumer Product, Epson India was also of the similar view. He said, “A transformation in the A class cities are prominent when it comes to wireless printing solutions. These days’ people are using personal devices like laptops, tablets, smartphones which creates a need for the Wi-Fi. It is clear that personal printing is moving towards Wi-Fi. But still this is in a nascent stage. And in the Enterprise level people still look for wired printers. We do not witness that much of mobile printing trend via Wi-Fi. The awareness of mobile printing is low. Generally SOHOs and Entrepreneurs are into mobile printing as it is very convenient. Lastly mentioning about how enterprises are saving time with Mobile Printing, he said, “Mobile printing not only saves time but also saves networking, wire and the most important feature is the portability. It saves money and time as well. We have applications like Air Print for the popular smartphones, i print for the Apple products, Google print using Google docs for Cloud printing and also Epson e mail printing, here a person can fire a print anytime and from anywhere”.


Analyzing the above verdicts of the veterans, it could be easily concluded that Mobile Printing helps
users gain new levels of control over their operations by providing the ability to print exactly when and where the material is needed and this in turn results in significant productivity gains. Therefore, mobile printing has an excellent future in the offing.

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