NMX Conference in Las Vegas: How New Attendees Got Extra Boost

While covering the NMX Conference (New Media Expo. Presented by Blogworld) we visited new attendee session, on of the most popular events at the show.

Ambassador Brett Bumeter led a group of seasoned conference attendees in outlining how to navigate the multitude of  NMX conference sessions, exhibits and networking opportunities.

More NMX Conference Help After the Show

Farnoosh Brock (@prolificliving) and I (@brettbum) discuss New Media Expo after the show. We talk about the great things we saw, the areas that need improvement and how to get some useful things done after the show. Here’s the video playback:

What is NMX?

NMX Conference in Las Vegas

NMX is the largest conference in the world geared specifically to bloggers, podcasters, web TV content creators, social media enthusiasts and all new media content creators. Besides learning from the very best speakers and educators in their respective fields, NMX is also THE place for everyone in new media, from beginners to seasoned veterans, to network, share ideas and take their online content to new heights.

What Kind of Conference is NMX?

NMX is a content conference. If you create content, distribute content, share content, or want to learn how to do any of those things, NMX is for you. NMX is for bloggers, writers, authors, podcasters, Web TV producers, online video and even those still into traditional media such as newspapers, television and magazines. If you produce content or want to learn to produce content, NMX is your conference.

How Long Has NMX Been Around?

Co-Founders Rick Calvert and Dave Cynkin began NMX (formerly BlogWorld & New Media Expo) in 2007 as a way to bring the content creator community together for networking and sharing ideas with other like-minded people in new media.

If you want to learn more, eran more and make important connections but missed the NMX Conference this year, be sure to register for a ticket and plan for the next NMX Conference.

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