Océ announces CS9300 Series eco-solvent printers

Océ has announced its new Océ CS9300 Series eco-solvent printers. These new models offer productivity and image quality improvements over previous models. The Océ CS9300 Series printers – including the 1625mm Océ CS9360 model (pictured right) and the 1371mm Océ CS9350 model – are next-generation printers based on the Océ CS9160 and Océ CS9050, respectively, eco-solvent printers. The Océ CS9360 printer was previewed on the Océ stand at FESPA Digital 2012 which took place in February in Barcelona, Spain.

‘This refreshed line of printers brings more productivity to print service providers that produce outdoor-durable work,’ said Attilio Mainoli, CEO of Océ Display Graphics Systems. ‘There are still many applications that are well served by eco-solvent printers particularly in the growing out-of-home advertising category, which includes items such as posters, transit advertising and convenience store advertising.’

Highly productive
The Océ CS9360 model can print at speeds of up to 29 square metres per hour, which is 60 per cent higher than the speed of the Océ CS9160 printer. The Océ CS9350 model’s top print speed is 27.9 square metres per hour, nearly twice the print speed of the Océ CS9050 printer. A variety of resolution configurations can be selected to suit the job at hand, which can help speed throughput and reduce ink costs. The printers include a standard media take-up system as well as a sheet-off function to accommodate individual shops’ print and finishing workflow. An optional off-board winder unit is available to support volume printing. The Océ CS9360 model can accommodate 440ml ink cartridges for longer print runs between ink changes.

Exceptional quality prints
The Océ CS9300 Series printers include Intelligent Interweaving print technology that reduces or eliminates the typical artifacts inherent in conventional digital inkjet printing such as horizontal banding, step mismatch banding, and the visible effects of missing or misfiring nozzles. The benefit of this technology is predictable and repeatable output quality, giving print service providers confidence that they will be able to print ideal quality images, fit for purpose every time, in the shortest possible time.

Proven platform
The Océ CS9360 and Océ CS9350 are built on the proven Océ CS9050 and Océ CS9160 platforms, each with a robust design and a history of reliability. All four models use the same eco-solvent ink formulation trusted by many Océ customers to deliver durability of up to three years outdoors. Since each model uses only four colour inks and a variable drop technology, print service providers can save on ink usage by using just the drop size necessary, rather than compensating by adding light colour inks.

For more information, visit: www.oce.com.

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