OKI Introduces Two New Eco-Friendly Printers

Oki has introduced its new ML 5720 eco and ML 5721 eco Dot Matrix printers – delivering faster prints whilst reducing the impact on the environment from a manufacturing and user perspective.

The ML 5720 eco is an 80 column printer, printing continuous A4 papers while the wide carriage ML 5721 eco dot matrix printer is a 136 columns printer, printing continuous A3 landscapes.

“These printers are ideal for industrial environments and warehouses that make use of applications that require multi-part forms such as invoicing and picking slips, pay slips and reports. Not only is the speed of printing significantly enhanced, but these printers are also robust and have an extremely long estimated lifespan of 25 000 hours,” says Heinrich Pretorius, Oki product specialist at distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC). “Further making these printers highly attractive is the fact that they are manufactured according to processes that lessen the impact on the environment whilst the energy saving feature of the printer reduces energy consumption on the users’ part – saving money and the environment.”

Print on two different types of paper

Back at the end-user, a power saving sleep mode allows the printer to hibernate when not in use – significantly reduces running costs and electricity usage. Apart from the green factor, efficiency is the robust ML 5720 eco and ML 5721 eco’s greatest advantage. The nine pin head technology puts an amazing 700 characters per second on paper.

It is ideally suited to high volume printing and invoicing that requires duplicate and triplicate. In fact, the multi part form printing can print up to six copies. An optional “push and pull” tractor, as opposed to the standard one feeder/tractor, enables you to print two different types of paper, such as invoices and pay slips, at the same time.

Oki have also made it very easy to replace your out-of-warranty, slow, or energy inefficient printers with the ML 5720 eco. It comes with multiple emulations, which means it can communicate with various similar printers from other manufacturers and therefore requires little configuration when replacing other brands with an Oki.

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