Olmos talks future technology with fans

He’s known on the big screen for Blade Runner and Battlestar Galactica, but for Edward James Olmos it’s the face-to-face meetings with sci-fi fans who attend conventions such as Australia’s forthcoming Supanova Expo, that he loves most.

“They’re probably the most appreciative and passionate,” says Olmos, who has also gained attention for cruising the streets of Miami in both Miami Vice and Dexter.

“Even though there’s a lot of fans that come for other pieces of work that I’ve done, the biggest draw at the conventions is either Blade Runner or Battlestar Galactica.”

For those who don’t know, Olmos appeals to film fans of Ridley Scott’s 1982 cult classic Blade Runner in his role as Harrison Ford’s taciturn colleague Gaff.

But in recent years that’s been eclipsed by his leading turn in the remake of the 1970s TV show Battlestar Galactica.

Taking the role of Commander (later Admiral) Adama over the series’ ambitious four seasons, Olmos says the great thing about the show was how much it could say about the real world, while set in an alternate universe.

“That was the reason the show was so successful and the reason why we all enjoyed being a part of it, because it was holding a mirror up to the planet as a whole,” Olmos says.

“Because basically what it dealt with is technology, and how the technology that we had created came back to destroy humanity.”

Spending time at conventions chatting with sci-fi fans has obviously rubbed off on Olmos, who believes humanity is on the edge of a giant leap forward – although perhaps not as great as the robot-apocalypse world of Battlestar Galactica.

“Nanotechnology is about ready to encompass the mainframes of the cyberworld into our own minds, so you will be able to connect just by thinking and be able to use the speed and accuracy of the computers with your own thought processes.”

Fans attending the Supanova Expo events in Melbourne and on the Gold Coast can look forward to exchanging views on future technology with Olmos.

“The discussions are really incredible because there are thousands of people that come to this and they ask the questions,” he says.

Olmos also wants to take in some of Australia’s scenery on this visit.

“I’ve never had enough time to go and visit the outback and I hope to be able to do that this time.”

The Supanova Expo is on in Melbourne on April 14 and 15 and on the Gold Coast on April 21 and 22.


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