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By Susan Frick Carlman

December 15, 2011 10:04PM

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More information about the landfill ban and a current list of free collection sites for both electronics and lights can be found at

For more details about Naperville’s electronic drop-off recycling program, go to

That list of recyclables just keeps growing. And some soon will be mandatory.

The state’s ban on electronic goods in landfills will be enacted Jan. 1. The law, part of a bill updating Illinois’ Electronic Products Recycling and Reuse Act, requires all electronics to be recycled by a registered collector, recycler or manufacturer. Haulers who violate the new rules risk being fined up to $7,000.

An array of area entities are ahead of the curve. They have been accepting old computer monitors, fax machines, printers, televisions and other electronic goods for the past year or more. Naperville operates a drop-off site from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday on the grounds of the Public Works center at 180 Fort Hill Drive. The program, one of seven available to DuPage County residents on a year-round basis, began in May as a pilot project and grew out of an enormously popular one-day annual collection event the city launched in 2007.

Among the accepted items are computers and monitors, fax machines, microwave ovens, printers, radios, rechargeable batteries, most small appliances, toner cartridges, TVs/DVD players/VCRs, and vacuum cleaners. Items that cannot be left at the collection centers include air conditioners, dehumidifiers, refrigerators and smoke detectors.

According to County Board member Jeff Redick, chairman of the environmental committee, although electronic items comprise the fastest-growing segment of the nation’s waste stream, the segment currently being processed by recyclers represents just 25 percent.

“The new electronics ban will ensure that people think twice before they throw an electronic away and hopefully they will seek other opportunities to either reuse the item or recycle it,” Redick said in a news release.

Relatively new to the regional recycling realm — and especially timely right now — are some 41 locations throughout DuPage where strings of holiday lights can be left for processing.

School and Community Assistance for Recycling and Composting Education (SCARCE) sponsors a drop site at the Naperville Tennis Club, 1011 E. Benton Ave., and five other locations are available. In addition to the Public Works center, they include these Naperville Park District properties: the Riverwalk Community Center, 305 W. Jackson Ave.; the central shop/barn, 421 W. Martin Ave.; the south maintenance facility at 311 Book Road; and Springbrook Golf Course, 2220 W. 83rd St.

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