Printers create interactive poster for The Sun

August 3, 2012 by  

The Sun newspaper recently unveiled its first ever augmented reality poster.

The tabloid had a sports poster printed that offers readers extra digital content when scanned using a smartphone. This activity saw The Sun being the first national UK newspaper to employ this new technology.

The poster was printed at The Sun’s Broxbourne-based printing plant. This print operation is located just a few miles from Potters Bar – a place where poster printing opportunities are available for businesses and individuals.

Potters Bar print companies could easily offer similar services to local businesses, as augmented reality is a digital ‘layer’ that gets added to a regular poster once it is printed. This means that companies offering regular full-colour printing are well-placed to help businesses looking to trial augmented reality, providing that the business requesting the service makes its own arrangements for the provision of augmented reality.

The Sun’s new poster is digitally activated when scanned with a mobile device that has a particular augmented reality app installed. This allows users to see the flat printed poster come to life with animations and interactive content that is accessed through the mobile device.

Derek Brown, who is the editor of The Sun, spoke about this new angle to their printed offering. He said:

“The Sun is very interested in enhancing its newspaper with digital content and this development brings the website and newspaper together nicely.”

The Sun is set to incorporate more digital activity into its printed newspaper over the coming months.

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