Printers Donated to Boys & Girls Clubs – WBBJ

JACKSON, Tenn.-, The Boys Girls Club of Jackson received a special donation that will help with their school work.

Through a partnership with Connected Tennessee and Lexmark, 10 new printers were awarded to the Jackson Club as part of the Computers 4 Kids program.

A total of 250 printers have been provided to the Computers 4 Kids program and will be distributed to Boys Girls Clubs across the state over the coming weeks.

Officials in Jackson said the donation will really help kids in the club.

“We got something dependable and reliable,” said Sabrina Anderson, director of the Boys Girls Club. “We know they are going to work and our kids can definitely say hey, I’ve got my homework now don’t worry about it.”

“Being able to put the tools at the fingertips of these children, so they can learn the skills that are going to help them go on to pursue an education to get the job of their dreams, to start a business, to be productive members of society,” said Corey Johns, executive director of Connected Tennessee,

Almost half of the low-income families in Tennessee said not having a computer at home is the main reason the cannot access the internet.

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