Printers Row debuts: Chicago Tribune expands again

Dear readers:

Today marks the debut of Printers Row, our new literary membership program. We’re very excited about this new array of offerings for readers who are passionate about books, ideas and the conversation around them.

We are also proud of Printers Row because it is our latest expansion of the Chicago Tribune at a time when others are reducing their offerings.

We are investing in the Tribune to ensure that it remains the premier source of news and information for and about the Chicago region — in print, online, on your mobile device or at our live programs.

Like the rest of the Tribune, Printers Row has a distinctly Chicago flavor. We will certainly provide a broad perspective about books and literature, with reviews and author interviews from around the country. But Printers Row will also open a window each week on Chicago’s vibrant literary scene — something you can only get from the Tribune.

Today Printers Row members received the inaugural edition of the Printers Row Journal and Printers Row Fiction series, delivered with their Sunday newspaper and through an e-edition. They also get special access to our Printers Row Live author talks and other benefits throughout the year. The cost is $99 a year for current subscribers.

You can join by calling 866-977-8742 or by visiting If you would like a sample of the inaugural edition of the journal and fiction series, we will be happy to oblige. Just send an email to or call the Reader Help Desk at 312-222-3348.

Printers Row is our first venture into premium content for Chicago Tribune readers with specific interests. This approach will make it possible for us to offer you even more specialized news and information in the future.

We are building on last summer’s expansion of the Chicago Tribune when we added 44 full news pages each week. Today’s Chicago Tribune has more news space than this paper published five years ago, enabling us to increase our local, investigative, national, foreign, sports, business, arts and entertainment news, as well as opinion and commentary offerings. This expansion is unique among American newspapers.

The past few years have been challenging for the Tribune, our industry and the nation as a whole. Like most of you, we’ve made difficult choices about our priorities and how we spend our money. We adapted, experimented and evolved. But we held fast to our core mission of public service.

The Chicago Tribune is committed to standing up for the community through investigative journalism. We have invested significantly in this kind of reporting over the past four years, and we are doing more of it than ever before.

We are the only major Chicago newspaper that’s still rigorously evaluating candidates for public office and providing readers advice through endorsements.

We launched new digital media targeted to your interests and created a wide range of live public affairs, educational and entertainment programming.

Each day we strive to capture the Chicago experience through storytelling that conveys what it means to live, work and play in this region.

We are grateful for your loyalty and for making this journey with us. We are proud to be your newspaper, Chicago’s newspaper.

And we hope you enjoy Printers Row!

Gerould W. Kern


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