Printing From iOS Devices Made Easier

Printing from an iPad or iPhone can be done with AirPrint, but not every printer is compatible with it, and sometimes you might need to hook up to a local network with many printers. For businesses that have larger printer networks and issue iPads, Lantronix is rolling out a device called xPrintserver.

xPrintserver is compatible with any iOS device, and supports some 4,000 different printers (or at least the company claims such). It is a basic hardware plug-in to a network, which connects to the LAN via an Ethernet cable. One big selling point is that you no longer need to sync an iPhone or iPad to a PC to print to older printers. Most businesspeople and even consumers tend to keep printers for years, and upgrading can sometimes be more trouble than it is worth (especially for a business with a dozen of them). Lantronix also claims xPrintserver works without any additional apps. It could also be handy for hotels that might not have good wireless connections.

The company is rolling it out at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and it is priced for pre-order at $150.

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