Profit-Minded Printers Seeking New Opportunities Install Heidelberg Solutions

KENNESAW, GA—April 13, 2012—Heidelberg has announced the following new prepress, press and postpress product installations by Carded Graphics, Precision Graphics of Oregon, Chippewa Graphics, Fidelity Printing and North Star Printing:

Carded Graphics Takes Quality Assurance to the Next Level with Prinect Inspection Control
Carded Graphics, an award-winning folding carton and packaging company in Staunton, VA, recently became the first U.S. printer to install Heidelberg’s internally integrated Prinect Inspection Control visual inspection system with inline RGB camera on its seven-color Speedmaster XL 105 hybrid UV press. 
“We use it on every job as a measure of internal quality, which has definitely increased because we’re catching defects early in the printing process,” said company president Murry Pitts.  “Together with our top-flight color management and the XL 105’s 18,000 sph running speed, Inspection Control adds a significant dimension of value to the package we offer our customers. We think of it as an extension of the printing process. It not only raises our operators’ confidence in the work they produce, it also makes their job easier.”
Carded Graphics’ version of Prinect Inspection Control uses two high-res RGB cameras with a combined resolution of 100 dpi, and is well suited for the company’s mix of high-quality commercial printing, food, beverage, light pharmaceutical and medical device packaging. For highly sensitive markets and high-quality commercial printing, the system also comes in a version equipped with two 33MP/280 dpi black-and-white cameras.
“We think of our Speedmaster XL 105 as the gift that keeps on giving,” Pitts explained. “Like all of the technology enhancements developed for the XL 105, Prinect Inspection Control greatly enhances our process control capability. Our operators, who tend to be young and open to new things, are eager to utilize the advanced features of the press to improve our performance. Obviously, we want to control costs and add efficiency wherever we can.”
Carded’s customers also applaud the company’s use of its new vision inspection system. “It raises their confidence in our process and products,” Pitts said.
Carded Graphics provides high-quality folding cartons and packaging to some of the world’s largest food, pharmaceutical and beverage manufacturers and suppliers. Consistent with its single-minded focus on process control, the company prefers to deal with Heidelberg as its single-source prepress and press provider to avoid time lost to vendor conflicts.

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