Reviews of The Best In Password Managers

If your passwords are easy enough to remember, they are probably easy to steal or hack.

Using strong passwords doesn’t take any extra memory effort when you use one of these password managers

Password Protection: Password Recovery and Control Tools By: Eric Griffith

Most of these programs double as—or started as—form-fillers (apps that remember your name, address, and credit card info) and offer other identity protection services. Some are portable via a USB key, so you can take them on the road with you. Some, like LastPass, have versions for every OS you can imagine, handheld or desktop.

Here are some we recommend:


LastPass is a free, feature-rich password manager and Web form filler. It has almost every software feature found in any competitor, plus some unique features of its own. Numerous mobility options mean you can use it wherever you are.

RoboForm Pro

RoboForm Pro retains the intelligent field-matching ability of previous versions and adds a cleaner, simpler user interface. It masterfully handles filling in Web forms and logging on to secure sites. You’ll be amazed at how much you don’t have to type when RoboForm is on the job.

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