Samsung launches new range of printers, starting Rs. 5999

Samsung has
unveiled a new line-up of printer models targeting entry level single
function, entry level multi-function and mid-range multi-function

Entry level ML-2161/XIP laser printers
printers cater to small and medium business enterprises. Priced at Rs.
5,999, it is compact in design and has Samsung’s one-touch Print Screen
button that allows users to print the content of their screen with just
one click.

The printers are also equipped with Easy Eco
Driver and Easy Print Manager. These offer cost-effective solutions to
the user as they enable temporary edits without editing the original
document. This helps to avoid printing unnecessary text or images,
resulting in an efficient use of toner and paper.

printers in this series also make use of an integrated single management
program, which allows the user to monitor other Samsung printers on a
single screen for maximum usability. With this feature, the device can
be controlled remotely.

Entry level multi-function printer SCX-3401/XIP
range of printers is powered by a 433 MHz core processor with up to 128
MB memory. The devices in this series can print up to 20 A4 pages per

The printers, available for Rs. 8,999, can operate
in Eco Mode via the One Touch Eco button which automatically helps save
power, toner and paper consumption. These printers can also be remotely
operated using the Multi-Device Monitoring solution.

features include Samsung’s Easy Eco Driver solution for efficient use
of toner and paper. Users can print up to 8 slides or pages on one
single page, proving to be cost effective. Users can keep track of
electricity usage, paper and toner consumption for the document to be
printed with the Results Simulator, which also shows the expected
results of reduced CO2 emission depending on the user’s settings.

Mid -range multi-function printers SCX-4021/XIP SCX-4321NS
SCX-4021MFP laser printer series have a printing speed of 24 pages per
minute. The devices are 23% smaller than conventional 250-sheet A4 MFP
laser printers.

The printers come with the Toner Save Mode
allowing users to use less toner on each page extending the toner
cartridge standard capacity of 3000 pages by up to 30%.

operating panel in these printers is tilt enabled to suit a user’s
operating position standing or being seated. The printers come with the
Easy Document Creator application which enables users to scan, compile
and save documents in multiple formats. The documents can further be
shared via social media such as Facebook.

This series is priced at Rs. 13,499.

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