Sapphire Glass: “I Use My Phone To Lift Brick Walls”

Well, maybe not a brick. Rubbing it against concrete without a scratch is manly enough for me.

Video featuring a sapphire-covered iPhone screen shows that the material set to go into production at Apple’s Arizona plant can take a beating.

Contact between concrete and sapphire ensues, concrete loses.

Sapphire has been the latest loaded buzzword floating around the world of Apple. The company could soon fire up a new facility in Arizona to churn out sapphire screens for…something. Maybe the displays of an upcoming iPhone 6? Maybe a new iWatch, or perhaps just more Touch ID screens?

The notion of using sapphire glass to give the next-generation iPhone a virtually unscratchable screen seems to be generating the most excitement — imagine, at last, an end to all those shattered glass iPhone faces!


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