Save Hundreds on Your iPad Purchase

Three’s a lot of hype over the Apple iPad right now.

If you order today, you might be waiting a while, and you’ll certainly be paying top price for what will be just another giant iPod

True computing on a tablet is coming.. if you can stand not being right in fashion with the Steve Job worshiping crowd, better hardware and features are coming before you know it

3 thoughts on “Save Hundreds on Your iPad Purchase

  1. This video doesn't work in Opera, Chrome, Safari, or FireFox.

    Is there another video-hosting site where this has been uploaded? I would be interested in viewing it.

    The same China newspaper that predicted in January that a revolutionary Apple tablet device with a screen of 9.7″ running iPhone-similar software would come out in the following months also predicted that a touch-screen iMac running the OS would come out “later on this year.” They nailed the first, and the second is coming, I'm convinced. People that blow their bucks in a few weeks on the iPad are getting ripped.

  2. I've watched the video in Opera, Chrome, and Firefox. You may have a driver problem for whatever format it's in.

    You can try a search on the company to see the video. There are tons of tablet PC coming out. Hope you find one that matches your needs

  3. Ok it worked on my iPod lol. Ugh though… trust PC technology to rush in and attempt to out-Apple Apple. When used to quality, beauty, performence, and excellence of Apple products, this is a step down.

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