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Enterprise Infrastructure

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Brian Bloom
 On: 19 Jul 2012 For: ComputerWorld Canada 

There are some things that aren’t fit to print.

Printing in the enterprise has gotten somewhat of a bad rap in recent years, with a growing move towards the so-called paperless office. Printing is seen as wasteful, even dangerous. But as some have pointed out recently, paper will be around for quite a while yet.

UniPrint Infinity, a printer virtualization product that sits between the client and the Citrix server, provided the solution. Print jobs are held in a central location and held until they are released, with no need to install drivers.

An all-HP shop, Sunrise opted for virtualization over a basic security regime with a user-entered PIN because that would mean all the printers would need displays, Jayasinghe adds. With virtualization, he says, “the authentication part is independent of the printer.”

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brian bloomBrian Bloom
is a staff writer at ComputerWorld Canada. You can find him on Google+.He covers enterprise hardware and software, information architecture and security topics.


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