Shaping the Future Retail Experience Starts with the Right Technology…at the Right Time


Solutions, Inc.
(MSI) today introduced its vision of the
future retail shopping experience which is focused on connecting with
customers, enabling store associates and empowering the IT organization
to meet business needs without complexity. Motorola also unveiled its
new retail experience center and the results of the 2012 Future of
Retail study.

Moving forward, the shopping experience is a retailer’s biggest
differentiator. The majority of respondents in the Future of Retail
study stated that the store will still be a dominant channel for
shopping activity. The challenge for retailers is that consumers are now
routinely researching single purchases on the web before going to the
store. This requires an omni-channel strategy to provide a more seamless
experience between retailers’ online and in-store shopping experience to
meet customer needs and offer accessibility no matter how or when
customers are ready to shop.

Technology will have a leading role in shaping the future retail
environment which will be:

  • Connected – Shoppers will be connected to associates,
    associates connected to one another, and both connected to all the
    necessary information regarding the store’s products.
  • Predictive – The collection, analysis and distribution of data
    regarding customers, products, and other operational elements will
    allow retailers and associates to anticipate customers’ needs and
    exceed expectations.
  • Personal – Only information that’s applicable to the user will
    be presented – cutting through the clutter of useless information.
  • Context-Aware – The store system recognizes location, identity,
    activity and time related to individuals and products to
    generate intelligent events.
  • Consistent – Customers will receive consistent experiences
    across all channels – information, purchase and return expectations,
    and branding.

Motorola’s study of U.S. retailers and shoppers revealed that:

  • Shoppers are least satisfied with the availability of coupons and
    discounts (45 percent). 42 percent are dissatisfied with the time they
    spend waiting to pay and the availability of store associates. 41
    percent find dissatisfaction in associates’ knowledge regarding the
    status of in-stock items while 39 percent of those surveyed are not
    satisfied with the help or level of information offered by associates.
  • In five years, more than 4 in 10 retailers (41 percent) expect to
    provide personalized product details, based on previous behavior, to a
    shopper’s smartphone and more than 35 percent of retailers expect to
    recognize their customers in the store with geofencing or presence
    technology; 42 percent expect to send coupons based on a customer’s
    location in the store.
  • Almost three-quarters (74 percent) of the retailers surveyed believe
    that developing a more engaging in-store customer experience is going
    to be business-critical over the next five years. Half of the surveyed
    retailers felt that integrating their online and in-store experiences
    would be crucial over the next five years.
  • Surveyed retailers estimate that by 2017, nearly one-quarter (23
    percent) fewer purchases will be completed at associate-staffed fixed
    point of sale (POS) terminals and instead, roughly half of all
    transactions will be completed via mobile point of sale (mPOS), or
    self checkout at a terminal or on a shopper’s mobile device.
  • Surveyed retailers expect their sales from online, mobile and social
    commerce sites to represent 42.5 percent of sales by 2017.


Connecting with Shoppers

  • Retailers can provide customers with in-store Wi-Fi to search for
    product information and inform them of products that may be of
    interest to them or provide real-time, location- based mobile coupons
    as they navigate through a store with Motorola’s guest access, Proximity
    Awareness and Analytics
    and Wi-Fi analytics solutions.
  • Store managers or associates can be instantly informed on their device
    when a loyal shopper enters the store through presence technology over
    a wireless LAN (WLAN) network.

Enabling Associates

  • Associates can perform product comparisons, look up items and close
    the sale at the point of decision with any form of payment, with
    assisted selling and mPOS
    solutions using Motorola’s mobile payment module, the new pocketable
    MC40 enterprise mobile computer or the ET1
  • Associates can instantly connect to back-end systems or the most
    knowledgeable people to answer shoppers’ questions, whether they are
    in the same store, another state, or a vendor’s location. This can be
    done through Motorola’s intelligent real-time task management Mobile
    Workforce Management software and Enterprise
    Voice Solutions
    with role appropriate devices like the ET1 Tablet
    or new SB1 smart badge, an innovative, cost-effective device that can
    be worn by a retail associate on a neck lanyard or clipped on a belt
    to provide real-time price checking, inventory look-up and product

Empowering the IT Organization

  • Retailers can team with Motorola to increase operational flexibility
    and reduce the time required to realize the benefits of investments in
    business-critical mobile device, WLAN network and mobile application
    technologies. Using services focused on outcomes rather than tasks,
    Motorola can help IT address key operations – planning,
    implementation, monitoring, and management – while ensuring the
    support, security and governance required to cope with the evolving
    demands of an omni-channel retail environment.
  • Retailers and their application developers can quickly and
    cost-effectively build enterprise-grade business applications with a
    consumer-style look and feel across multiple operating systems,
    devices and screen sizes with Motorola’s
    RhoMobile Suite


Eduardo Conrado, senior vice president and chief marketing officer,
Motorola Solutions

“To understand your customers, you have to appreciate their business
needs and challenges as well as know their end customers. That’s exactly
what we’ve done at Motorola Solutions with respect to retailers, and
we’re committed to helping them deliver on shoppers’ heightened
expectations by providing innovative solutions and products to improve
productivity and efficiency from the store floor to the backroom and
throughout the supply chain.”


  • The Future of Retail survey was fielded from May 18 through May 24,
    targeted to IT management and management from a variety of retail
  • The survey was designed to reveal current technology usage in the
    retail industry and what is expected to be needed five years from now.
  • Respondents to the survey were selected from the Research Now Business
    panel to represent a distribution of respondents from a variety of
    retailers. 250 respondents completed the survey without knowledge of
    Motorola Solutions sponsorship.
  • The e-Rewards® Opinion Panel, operated by Research Now, is the largest
    “by-invitation-only” online research panel serving more than 900
    research firms with over 3 million respondent members.


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