Short Film “Sight” Shows Us The Dark Side Of Project Glass-Like Technology

Short Film Sight Shows Us The Dark Side Of Project Glass-Like Technology

Much of the talk around the tech world recently has been focused on Project Glass – aka Google Glasses – the wearable heads of display that many think could revolutionize the way we interact with apps, photos, video, and really the internet in general.

But Google’s not the only company that’s dying to put a computer on your face. Even Apple seems to have joined the fray, recently patenting their own little version of Google Glasses.

It definitely feels like this type of technology is the future, as companies everywhere are rushing to get in on the ground floor. But before we go turning everyone’s life into one giant computer interface – should we pause and think of what could happen in the not-so-distant future…if things took a turn for the darker side?

At first, this type of technology will come in the form of glasses. Then, perhaps, contact lenses. This amazing short film from Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo takes it a step further.

Check out “Sight” below:

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